Vizini Sun Visors Wholesale


“At Nifty Things, we look for the latest “nifty” items to woo our customers.  Vizini is just that and has been a total “winner” for us this season.  We love ’em!”
Martee Hickeman, Owner Nifty Things! Elk Rapids, MI
“Our customers are very receptive to Vizini’s good selection of colors and prints, their practicality, and the reasonable price.  They love how lightweight they are and will buy several to match different outfits.”
Lynn, Buyer, Cactus Flower, Padre Island, TX
“People are fascinated by this product.  It is so practical, they wonder why no one thought of it before!  They are a steady sale!”
Mary Gartner, Manager/Buyer Coronado Historical Museum Store, Coronado, CA

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Vizini® at Point of Sale










Consumers make their buying decision while shopping and often add items at the point of sale.

Place Vizini® sun visor hats as a POS item and capitalize on this practical sun visor that everyone needs.
You can choose from our two displays to fit your needs best.

The Marginal Value of a Client is Great

We keep hearing from our Buyers that Vizini sparks a lively conversation between their staff and the customer.  They see the value of the rapport that Vizini at POS establishes. The benefits of NO HAT-HAIR and NO HEADACHEs when wearing Vizini is immediately grasped by your customer.  It is simply,  the simple and practical solution for all objections to wearing protection from the sun.
Offer a price per unit and a “3 for” price, but be sure to keep an eye on your stock.  Everyone loves to share their cool, new, “finds” with their friends and family. These customers will come back for more.

High End Versus Low End

High end vs. low end retail? Vizinis® are perfect for both. We offer Vizinis® in high end fabrics and patterns as well as more casual fabrics and patterns. And the craftsmanship remains the same. We construct Vizinis® using 100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend, an ultimate lightweight fiberboard and elastic bands that are sewn for added strength.

Display-C-257x300Risk Free











Adding Vizini® as a point of sale product is risk-free. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on in-stock colors if returned within 90 days (first orders only). We always encourage you to exchange slow-moving colors and patterns for in-stock items.*
*All exchanges or returned items must be in saleable condition.

Custom Orders Available

You choose the fabric and we’ll send you a sample within 10 days.

Delight your customers with a new ensemble. Or… reintroduce an old favorite with a fresh new look. Send us a sample of a current product and we’ll match the fabric.

Vizinis® can be silk-screened! Customize Vizinis® with your logo for a unique promotion or for fundraising.

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