Vizini Sun Visors in the Media

USA TODAY Magazine
If you’re looking for a way to keep the sun out of your eyes and you’re not a
fan of hats, the totally strapless sun visor from Vizini…lightweight and
ultra-portable, the Vizini can be tucked in a purse of sports bag…good quality

Sonoran Living TV
Vizini is featured on ABC15 Sonora, Arizona’s “5 Fashion Must-Haves for 2010”


West Coast Families
“…the perfect item to toss into your bag for the soccer mom, workout queen or simply a day at the park-plus it protects those peepers…”

The Reader Style (Omaha Nebraska)
“…and most importantly, won’t mess up your hair. Lightweight, stylish, and available in fun designs…”

Family Time Magazine
“…Vizini is here! Invented by mom, Rita Hockenbury-Kelt, while sitting at her kitchen table… keeps you eye area protected and wrinkle-free when you are in the sun.  No hat-hair… no squinting… no sweating…”

Best Self Magazine
“…Vizini offers a one-of-kind strapless sun…”

Travel Video News-The World on the Web
“…I do not like the way visors can pinch on the sides of my head before very long. So I was happy to see this product come along – a visor that attaches to your sunglasses to provide that sun protection we need if we want to look 35
when we’re 50! And they’re cute to boot…”

This is one of my favorite gadgets.  I can’t tell you how much I dislike packing
my visor for trips.  It’s awkward and takes up so much space!  I need my visor
for golf and the beach, and was thrilled when Tana from Vizini sent us these!


Best Self Magazine
“…Offering a quick fix that won’t pinch your temples or slide off during outdoor activities…”

Cruising World
“…There are shades. And then there’s shade…a touch of style.”

Traveling Mom – Great Gadgets to improve Golf Getaway
“…It’s very lightweight, so you barely know it’s there.  It comes in several styles and colors and can even be customized with a special company or team logo. Cool, huh?…” (St. Louis Today)
“…Good for anyone who plays, works, or spectates outdoors.  It’s made in the US…”

Lady and the Blog
“…the perfect item to toss into your bag for the soccer mom, workout queen, or simply a picnic in the park. Lightweight, compact and stylish – Vizini® is available in a wide array of colors and designs such as Zebra, red with white polka dots, solids, and is available with its own carrying pouch.”

Live Love Laugh with Leslie
“…Why buy it — No bands or clamps squeeze your head.”

“…Look, no straps! Vizini introduces strapless women’s sun visors that take hat-hair and headaches out of sun protection…”

Luxury Beauty Products
“…say goodbye to dreaded “hat head” or vicious headaches after wearing your husband’s baseball cap or that tight visor with the Vizini®! This innovative new product covers your eye area, keeping delicate skin protected and free of wrinkles while in the sun, walking to the grocery store, making the commute to and from work – the Vizini® works every day, all year-round to keep you from squinting!”

Networking Witches
“…There’s no clamp or strap that will slide around, in fact the Vizini barely touches your forehead…”

On Board with Mark Corke
“…With the boating season close at hand here is something that may be of  interest to readers. Called the Vizini it is a sun shade that…”
“…I just love a product which solves a multitude of problems and does so with an uncomplicated, yet highly functional design.  I recently came across on that is delightfully and deceptively simple.”

Inventor Spot
“…This lightweight visor attaches to the arms of sunglasses or regular glasses so that mom can rush off to her next appointment without that horrible hat-head look.”

LA Splash
“…For the woman adventurist, golfer, outdoor enthusiast, or soccer mom, The Vizini® is a chic strapless sun visor…”

Washington Home and Garden
“…Shielding the eye area from the sun’s rays is the most effective way to combat wrinkles and creases, as well as stave off eye disorders, but many women are put off by the matted hair, headaches, and smeared makeup that come with wearing traditional sun visors. Vizini solves the dilemma: The company’s American-made clip on sun visor protects the eye area from sun exposure and keeps hair and makeup tidy without headaches…”