Strapless Sun Visors Attach to your Sunglasses


Do you frequently go out in the sun without a hat because you don’t want to mess up your hair?

Do clamp-style sun visors and the visors with a strap feel uncomfortable?

“I can’t even tell I have it on”, is the most common initial response the first time a person puts on a Vizini. Vizini is the most comfortable sun visor on the market today.



Vizini® is a  revolutionary, STRAPLESS sun visor for everyone who is concerned about eye damage caused by the sun, furrowed brows (the  #1 injection location), the headaches and, of course, that dreadful hat-hair caused by traditional sun visors. This is a sun visor you should wear every day, year round.  It was created for everyone under the sun

Vizini® Is Proudly Made in the USA

• The Vizini sun visor hat has a unique patented design that allows you to attach to your sunglasses or prescription glasses.
• The Vizini visor does not clamp onto your head or have a strap as with most traditional visors so there’s  no headache.  It barely touches your forehead.
• “I can’t even tell I have it on!” is the initial response from many people to the most comfortable sun visor you will find.  Try one and see.



The first strapless sun visor is created!



The first Vizini was created when, getting ready to leave for my kiddo’s swim meet, I cut the bill off of one of my husband’s baseball caps and taped it to my sunglasses.   It worked.  I later sat at down at my kitchen table with a pair of scissors and stack of the oldest, rattiest, baseball caps we had around the house.  (Mistake #1–these were my husband’s favs!)  After many failed attempts, I arrived at the design you see today.

No more squinting (Yay!)… no more furrowed brows (causing those No. 11 wrinkles)… I am compelled to market my invention to anyone concerned about eye damage caused by the sun, wrinkles, the headaches caused by traditional sun visors and — of course — hairstyles ruined by wearing a hat.

Once you start wearing Vizini®, you truly want to wear it all the time.